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By Cat Brennan

2021 Arcadia University Senior Thesis Project

Graduating during the pandemic, producing a full show seemed impossible. Unsure of the future and the changing landscape of theatre, I wanted to give myself the challenge of morphing theatrical and cinematic techniques for my senior thesis. 

Hudsonland was first presented as a thesis project in 2019 and then produced as my thesis in 2021! Cat is a great friend of mine who has given me the opportunity to workshop this show and produce it virtually! Watch it here!


Hudson: Chris Malone

Jasper: Sophia Flint

Piper: Kristen Taylor

Mom: Janine Silano

Dad: Alec Cuthbert

Jason: Robert Tucker

Young Hud/Tommy: Jacob Turowski

Teen Hud: Tyler Turowski Imaginary Friend Council: Conlee Northcutt

Ghost Council: Olivia Gendron Vampire Council: Nina Vitek Shadow Council: Jack Taylor Voice: Jonathan Shandell



Hudsonland By: Cat Brennan

Directed by: Jack Taylor

Asst. Producer: Olivia Gendron Costume Design: Emmie Parker Sound Design: Jake Verga

Sketch Designs: Luca Bonacci

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